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Virgin Mary mythology is from ancient sun worship adopted by the Romans, and one emperor in particular, to control the world.

Virgin birth defies genetic and evolutionary knowledge and principles, proven to be correct.

It began in ignorance and the uneducated might be excused for accepting it, especially when it is pushed down their necks from birth.

But what of the scientists and educated people who adhere to it? What excuse have they for allowing the myth to continue in the face of the damage it does to the world?

The premise is the birth of Jesus Christ, shown here to be a conspiracy by the founders of the Roman Catholic Church. It was adopted by all Christians and others in light of the New Testament, drawn up as part of the conspiracy.

So who was Mary? According to Matthew, chapter 1, she is known only as the wife of Joseph, whose geneology is listed as descended from Abraham via Judas. Aside from that we know nothing of her.

Mark and John know nothing of her and John, 1:45, describes Jesus as the son of Joseph. If that is the case then where is the virgin birth?

That is only the first error in the New Testament story. From here on one mistake after the other occurs to prove the myth of Jesus Christ and the virgin birth.

Jesus Christ is supposedly descended from Judah via Joseph's line but that does not stand up genetically. If Joseph was not his father than how and why would this even become an issue.

According to Matthew and luke Mary is impregnated by the Spirit of God before she marries Joseph, that is while she is a virgin. The authors knew nothing about genetics nor the role of genes in the production of a normal human.

Its a prpven fact that no life will develop from cells without matching chromosomes from both parents. In the case of cloning the double helix of genes is present but the genes are identical, and that's the problem as abnormalities are likely. It involves a process of self fertilisation, known among certain animals, such as snails, which is not stated in the case of Mary.

The idea of a virgin birth is not confined to this case. In fact, most indigenous peoples universally could not and did not understand the technical side of pregnancy. They knew a woman was pregnant only when her abdomin swelled and it became obvious. That could be as late as 3 to 4 months prior to birth.

In fact, the Catholic Church nominates the date of the Annunciation as

That might be difficult for modern women to understand. They should ponder, however, the problem of multiple partners, the lack of menstrual periods due to numerous pregnancies, breast feeding, a nomadic lifestyle, and isolation from the main stream of society during one's confinement.

Aside from that they were sexually active prior to puberty in many cases and there was no scientific data or doctors to consult.

Studies of ancient cultures and the images and symbols left behind there is a clear portrayal of the role of the Mother god in creation. She is Isis in Egypt, Aphrodites in Greece, Astar in Assyria, and Mary to many other cultures.

'Astar' is simply 'a star' and the sun is the star. 'Ma-r-i' translates as 'mothers powerful light' and to this day certain tribes believe that women who expose their bodies to the sun will get pregnant.